2019 Oakhaven Half Marathon

Thank you to everyone who took part today. We can only apologise for the faiilure in marshalling which resulted in a number of you completing nearly 15 miles. We completely understand your frustration and are currently reviewing the situation.

We thank you for your understanding and hope that this won’t deter you from taking part in the future.

Photographs of the race are now available from Charles Whitton Photography at https://www.charleswhittonphotography.com/oakhaven-half-marathon-3319

Race Results

The race results are shown below. These report the actual times at which competitors passed the finish line. Because of the unfortunate marshalling issue which was corrected part way through the race some runners ran a longer route, and we have only been able to clearly determine the first male and first female runner to cross the line.  We have therefore taken the decision not to publish class results. We are sorry about this, it is obviously disappointing for entrants not to see the full class rankings, and we will make sure the issue does not happen in future events.

Oakhaven Spring Half Marathon results 2019

PlaceTimeNameTeamAge GroupRace No.
11:21:24RUSSHARD, PaulSenior Men41
21:25:08BAKER, JamesChichester RunnersVet 40 Men230
31:43:47CULLY, TomSouthampton Athletic ClubSenior Men322
41:43:57KARY, LeoSenior Men296
51:44:13KING, MatthewVet 40 Men350
61:45:01SHIPP, GianniSenior Men171
71:45:12COSTLEY, JoeVet 50 Men143
81:45:20MILLAR, DannySenior Men392
91:45:37MONTAGU-SCOTT, EmiliaSenior Ladies373
101:45:39O'BRIEN, ChrisBournemouthVet 40 Men172
111:45:52MATTHEWS, BenKPACSenior Men421
121:45:57WEST, MarkVet 40 Men260
131:46:22Requested to be removedVet 40 Men
141:46:24MCCLURE, GillamItchen Spitfirtes RCSenior Ladies175
151:46:26GAMITO, PedroVet 40 Men109
161:46:31MOSLEY, PhilipNew Forest RunnersVet 40 Men434
171:46:45WILEY, EstherTotton RCVet 40 Ladies182
181:46:46ABBEY, JamieSenior Men300
191:46:48SINGLETON-MOIR, MarkSenior Men119
201:47:45RUSSHARD, GemmaSenior Ladies40
211:48:09JUNDI, AdamSenior Men353
221:48:26AUSTIN, NickVet 40 Men89
231:48:27CHIOSSONE, LucaBasingstoke & Mid HantsSenior Ladies375
241:48:43CURTIS, GregSenior Men301
251:49:04BLACK, BrionySenior Ladies244
261:50:53KELLY, NicolaSenior Ladies51
271:51:13KERRIDGE, AntonySenior Men400
281:51:27CARTER, PeteVet 40 Men96
291:51:42HOLLOWBREAD, BeckyVet 40 Ladies39
301:52:17BAKER-LITTLE, LaurenSenior Ladies366
311:52:37Requested to be removedSenior Ladies
321:52:41FAULKNER, DanielIsle of Wight RR ACSenior Men324
331:52:48BROWN, PhillipSenior Men432
341:52:49TURNER, MichaelVet 50 Men46
351:53:24ELFORD, TerryVet 50 Men62
361:53:40GRAVES, StuartVet 50 Men90
371:53:40BREARLEY, MatthewVet 50 Men32
381:54:29PUMPHREY, GuyVet 50 Men134
391:54:32LETCHER, PerryVet 50 Men49
401:54:54BRIDLE, ChrisVet 50 Men131
411:55:44LISTER, DebbieLymington AthletesSenior Ladies94
421:55:45DOIG, AndrewVet 40 Men299
431:55:48COEN, CoynVegan Runners UKVet 40 Men364
441:56:02MURPHY, JohnVet 50 Men56
451:56:02MURPHY, PaulVet 50 Men200
461:56:15KHOSHNEVIS, HeatherLittledown HVet 50 Ladies361
471:56:16COOPER, SimonDenmead StridersSenior Men139
481:56:17WARREN, SophieSenior Ladies9
491:56:47BROWN, DamionVegan Runners UKVet 50 Men433
501:56:55MARSHALL, AnnaSenior Ladies360
511:56:57HUC, EwanVet 40 Men150
521:57:16ADAMS, MarkDevizes Running clubVet 50 Men275
531:57:21MCPHEE, PaulVet 40 Men304
541:57:26KELLY, ConradSenior Men52
551:57:33Requested to be removedSenior LadiesXXX
561:57:34BREARLEY, AnnaLymington Tri ClubSenior Ladies47
571:57:36MCPHEE, AmandaVet 50 Ladies303
581:57:42FISHWICK, GrahamSenior Men188
591:57:48WALTON, LornaSenior Ladies8
601:58:03DOUGHTY, CatherineVet 40 Ladies108
611:58:13WILLIAMS, RichardCity of Salisbury AC&RCVet 50 Men211
621:58:26VAUGHAN, AnthonySenior Men223
631:58:31DARCY, MarkVet 40 Men339
641:58:43TAYLOR, BenjaminSenior Men185
651:58:49LOMAX, MeghanSenior Ladies65
661:58:52HAMPTON, RobVet 40 Men354
671:58:55HODGE, JaneHardley RunnersVet 60 Ladies26
681:59:01CRAWFORD, KateVet 40 Ladies22
691:59:14CHAPMAN, StephenVet 40 Men115
701:59:41WILLEY, RobertSenior Men289
711:59:44BRICKWOOD, MeganSenior Ladies243
721:59:53HUDSON, LauraAccrington Road RunnersVet 40 Ladies272
732:00:02MORGAN, RogerHardley RunnersVet 50 Men328
742:00:03DYER, IanIsle of Wight RR ACVet 40 Men323
752:00:06CRAWFORD, SarahVet 40 Ladies20
762:00:18WHITEHORN, DenaNew Forest RunnersVet 50 Ladies245
772:00:28FIGGURES, JulieVet 40 Ladies137
782:00:39BARTON, PeterVet 60 Men378
792:00:43WAKELING, AdamSenior Men349
802:00:51HORDER, CarolineLittledown HVet 60 Ladies342
812:00:51HEPWORTH, JohnVet 40 Men117
822:00:53HOLLEY, JasonSenior Men351
832:01:20AMBROSEN, HelenBournemouth ACVet 60 Ladies407
842:01:33MCGINNIS, LIsaVet 50 Ladies362
852:01:43PRINSEP, ElizabethVet 50 Ladies116
862:01:51CAREY, JayneEastleigh RCVet 50 Ladies285
872:02:10SNELLING, CraigSenior Men372
882:02:11LONNEN, GarethVet 40 Men11
892:02:32CHANTREY, TinaStubbington Green RunnersVet 40 Ladies374
902:02:32NOBLE, PaulVet 40 Men24
912:03:09SEVERN, GrantJP MorganVet 40 Men273
922:03:16WROE, StephenPortsmouth JoggersVet 50 Men183
932:03:25HUC, SaraVet 40 Ladies156
942:03:26SHARP, GeoffVet 50 Men202
952:03:26RIDOUT, HannahSenior Ladies429
962:03:27REYNOLDS, AbigailSenior Ladies157
972:03:30PEARSE, CamillaVet 50 Ladies167
982:04:04THOMAS, MathewSenior Men239
992:04:04BRICK, MarkSouthampton Athletic ClubVet 50 Men110
1002:04:34UREN, PeterVet 40 Men166
1012:05:14WARREN, KevVet 60 Men28
1022:05:49URWIN, PeterSenior Men104
1032:05:59Requested to be removedVet 40 Ladies
1042:06:05HEWSON, SandraWestbourne RCVet 40 Ladies98
1052:06:12FORDHAM, AdamNew Forest RunnersSenior Men357
1062:06:12FORDHAM, MatthewNew Forest RunnersVet 40 Men123
1072:06:13CORRIGAN, NeilNew Forest RunnersVet 40 Men114
1082:06:32YOUNG, EricSenior Men294
1092:06:39WAKATSUKI, MaiTotton RCVet 40 Ladies82
1102:06:39TATTERSALL, StevenVet 40 Men178
1112:06:50POND, EmilyLordshill RCSenior Ladies282
1122:06:50CHEESMAN, AbigailLordshill RCSenior Ladies331
1132:06:59FRANCIS, RichardVet 40 Men53
1142:07:46MAHER, FernSenior Ladies170
1152:07:58HALL, SimonVet 40 Men3
1162:08:06Requested to be removedNew Forest Runners
1172:08:26STANGER, KatieSenior Ladies330
1182:08:27STANGER, JonathanSenior Men329
1192:08:41HEWITT, HollySenior Ladies140
1202:09:31BECKMAN, SydnieVet 40 Ladies430
1212:10:04SMITH, JulianNew Forest RunnersVet 50 Men383
1222:10:08CORRIGAN, MaryLittledown HVet 50 Ladies142
1232:10:55STOKES, MichelleFareham Crusaders RCVet 40 Ladies217
1242:10:55QUADE, FionaFareham Crusaders RCVet 50 Ladies198
1252:11:24BAKER, AlexSenior Men258
1262:12:02JENKINS, JacquelineLittledown HVet 60 Ladies165
1272:12:19WORMALL, JanetteVet 50 Ladies106
1282:12:20ROBBINS, HannahSenior Ladies15
1292:12:25MOISEJENKO, JanaSenior Ladies358
1302:12:40MORTON, JaimeSenior Ladies111
1312:12:41COOKE, LeahSenior Ladies214
1322:12:43COOKE, FrancesSenior Ladies313
1332:12:44FITTON, SarahHardley RunnersVet 50 Ladies220
1342:12:47MATTHEWS, ArthurA RunnersVet 60 Men251
1352:12:50JONES, AdamSenior Men306
1362:12:54EARNEY, TerenceHardley RunnersVet 60 Men4
1372:13:12STENT, MatildaSenior Ladies224
1382:13:20BAKER, MattVet 40 Men271
1392:13:33BECKETT, HannahSenior Ladies195
1402:14:06SENIOR, GrahamVet 40 Men101
1412:14:06AINSWORTH, PaulSenior Men102
1422:14:44LOUREIRO, CarmenVet 50 Ladies236
1432:16:34BROOKE, DeanSenior Men379
1442:17:28CAPTAIN, MathewNetley Abbey RunnersVet 40 Men252
1452:17:32STERLING, ThomasSenior Men279
1462:17:32BINTCLIFFE, KathrynSenior Ladies297
1472:17:49LEWIS, ChrisNetley Abbey RunnersVet 40 Men246
1482:18:01PARRADINE, KenLittledown HVet 60 Men259
1492:18:09TRAIN, RachelFareham Crusaders RCSenior Ladies87
1502:18:14BINTCLIFFE, HannahSenior Ladies212
1512:18:25CRANFIELD, StuartVet 50 Men261
1522:18:53WILSON, AmySenior Ladies54
1532:19:16BURTON, FSenior Ladies228
1542:19:17BIBBY, JSenior Men226
1552:19:20LYDFORD, GailNew Forest RunnersVet 50 Ladies356
1562:19:21MADGWICK, RuthVet 40 Ladies352
1572:19:39HOWARD, JimHatch Warren RunnersVet 50 Men86
1582:19:46FORDHAM, NicolaNew Forest RunnersVet 40 Ladies124
1592:20:44ROGERS, AlexSenior Men57
1602:22:40ATKINSON, MarieSenior Ladies7
1612:22:40PORTER, EsmeSenior Ladies176
1622:23:14KOWALEWSKI, ZenonVet 40 Men318
1632:24:15SIMPSON, AnnaVet 50 Ladies207
1642:24:55FIELDING, SarahVet 40 Ladies127
1652:25:09WRIGHT, SianSenior Ladies348
1662:26:57MCDOWELL, EileenPortsmouth JoggersSenior Ladies317
1672:27:44LEE, DerekVet 60 Men277
1682:28:27SIMMONDS, SueSolent Running SistersVet 50 Ladies163
1692:28:37DUCKER, CatherineNew Forest RunnersVet 40 Ladies431
1702:28:50JAMES, SusieVet 50 Ladies191
1712:29:59PEGORARA, JulieUK Run Chat RCVet 40 Ladies158
1722:31:48CUSENS, MARYLittledown HVet 60 Ladies435
1732:36:01SWEETING, DavidSenior Men99
1742:36:01KIRKHAM, ColinVet 40 Men197
1752:36:29TYLER, SandraVet 50 Ladies50
1762:40:50BECK, ChrisDorset DoddlersVet 60 Men225
1772:44:24SHEATH, MarioNew Forest RunnersVet 50 Men35