Event Information

The 2018 race will now take place on 4th November 2018 at Brockenhurst in the New Forest

Extreme Circumstances
In case of extreme weather or other circumstances that could threaten the event, information will be posted on the website and updates will be sent by email. Hopefully it won’t happen twice in one year.

Please arrive in plenty of time.  Remember you have to collect your numbers, maybe queue for a loo and get to the start which is just over a 1 mile away with no vehicle access. 
*******Allow an extra 20 minutes walk to get to the start*******

The Race Headquarters will have pre and post race massage, trade stands, pre and post race refreshments on sale and plenty of other runners to talk with to keep you busy.

Entering Brockenhurst from Lyndhurst on the A337, Brockenhurst College is found on the left shortly after entering the village just after Careys Manor Hotel and before the level crossing.  Race Headquarters is in the Sports Hall.  For sat navs the postcode is SO42 7ZE.  The College is 5 minutes walk from Brockenhurst Train Station.

Car Parking and Travel

Parking is free in the grounds of Brockenhurst College. Marshals will help direct you in the car park. If you are intending to leave before the last runners have completed the race please park at the front of the car park as the race route crosses the entrance to the rear car park.

Please note dogs are not allowed on the Brockenhurst College campus.

Number Collection

Numbers are collected from Race Headquarters in the Sports Hall.  Please find your name on lists posted on the wall and then collect your number at the relevant desk.  Please allow plenty of time for this as we will have several hundred numbers to give out.  If the timing of this presents any problem with regards to train travel etc. please let us know in advance to make special arrangements.

Make sure you fill in the information on the back of the number.  This could be vital in cases of emergencies.  Fix your number to the front of your shirt with 4 safety pins.  (available at the collection desk).

Do not race in another person’s number.  This is against UK Athletics rules and can present huge problems with results and age group prizes as well as issues with emergencies. You can officially transfer numbers by contacting the Race Secretary. Anybody found to be racing in another person’s number will be disqualified and banned from future events.

Toilets and changing

There are adequate toilet and changing facilities at Race Headquarters.  Please note we will only be supplying 4 portable toilets at the start.  The start is about 1 mile away from Race Headquarters so plan accordingly and do not upset local residents or forest users.


There will be secure baggage storage provided at Race Headquarters.  A non secure service will be provided at the start line.  If you can’t give your warm clothes to friends at the start, they can be put in a car that will take them back to the baggage area at Race Headquarters.  This will not be secure so do not include valuables or clothes you want to see again.  Any clothing not reclaimed from the baggage area after 3.00 pm will be washed and donated to charity.

The Start

There will be marshals or signs directing you to the start which is about 1 mile away on the track behind the Balmer Lawn.  The race starts at 10.30 am.  Please allow enough time to get there from Race Headquarters which is a mile away.  If you miss the start by more than 5 minutes you start at your own risk and may find race support including marshals has been removed.

The Race

Personal stereos and headphones are not allowed during the race.  If we lose you because you couldn’t hear a marshal we may never find you.  Accompanying cyclists and dogs are not allowed in the race.

Follow the marshal instructions at all times and listen to any warnings of hazards ahead.  Recreational horse riders who have strayed on the course could be a significant hazard.  Please give them plenty of advance warning when approaching from behind and be prepared to stop if the horse becomes agitated. The race will have one or more lead marshals on horseback or bike.  They will not be carrying the race clock which will be located on the finish line.

The course will have mile markers and direction signs with marshals at all significant junctions unless the marshal has been called to an emergency. .

There are only 2 road crossings.  The marshals have no legal control over traffic and have no power to stop traffic.  The marshals are there to help you but ultimately you are responsible for your own safety.  Do not cross the road if a marshal stops you.  When you are allowed to cross the road, make your own final decision on how safe it is and when to do so.

Please do not go through the finish line twice as it plays havoc with the results and we will only record your slowest time!


Water on the course will be provided in bottles, courtesy of Careys Manor Hotel, Senspa and The Montagu Arms at approximately 3 miles, 6 miles and 10 miles and there will be a bottle in your goody bag at the finish.  Bins will be provided approximately 100m after the drink station but if you choose to continue running with your bottle please make sure you give it to any marshal further round the course together with any gel wrappers etc.  Every marshal will have a bin bag. Littering is unacceptable and any runners reported will be excluded from the results.

Dropping out and medical cover

If you need to drop out for any reason, your nearest marshal will inform you of the nearest vehicle access point.  Here you will be picked up by the Gates of Brockenhurst vehicle.  You may need to wait before being dropped back at Race Headquarters.  If you are unable to make it to the vehicle access point emergency pickup will be arranged.

Any runner unable to maintain a pace within a 3 ½ hr finishing time will be asked to abandon the race.  If they chose to continue they do so at their own risk and accept that race support may be removed.

In case of medical emergencies we have Race Doctors at Headquarters and out on the course.  If you find another runner in need of assistance inform your nearest marshal or recruit other runners to do so.  All marshals will know how to contact our medical team and other help.  Do not delay in getting help especially if you have no formal first aid qualifications.

After the race

When you finish you will be given a goody bag containing various items including your discount vouchers from our sponsors.

There will be a short walk from the finish back to the sports hall where you can reclaim your baggage, collect your T-shirt, have your sponsor forms signed, buy refreshments and visit the trade stands and use the changing facilities.

Prize giving

Prizes will be awarded for:- overall men’s and women’s winners and winners of respective age categories (Senior, V40, V50, V60), T-Shirt, Medal and an excellent goody bag. Winners will receive only 1 overall or category prize and it will be the highest value prize they are entitled to.  Age categories are defined as “over a certain age on race day” so a V50 can also qualify for a V40 prize but will only be promoted at the expense of the younger age group to receive a higher value prize.  The decision of the race referee and race director will be final..

Results will be posted on the wall of the sports hall as they become available.    A full set of results will be emailed to all competitors when available after the race.  Prize giving will be as soon as possible after the race in the sports hall and is likely to be around 1.15 pm.  The presentation of some prizes may be delayed if potential winners are still on the course.

Race Photography
A professional photographer will be in attendance and photographs will be available for purchase after the event.

Notes for Spectators
Passing personal drinks to competitors is not allowed under UKA rules but will be allowed in our race.  You can also leave personal drinks (which should be labelled with the competitors name and race number) at the drink stations.

See also:  Race Rules